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Looking at the chart for the very first time can be very confusing and overwhelming for a lot of traders. It is important for traders to understand that markets are not as random as everybody thinks and every price movement has its purpose and rules. If you want to trade with confidence you need to understand how markets move. Very few individuals can move the price and in fact it is mostly institutions, hedge funds and big players. There is no holy grail or set of lagging fancy indicators that will predict what these institutions will do in the future. However it is very possible to predict short term movement of these players based on understanding of price charts. Every movement and intention is depicted on the chart and it leaves footprints. Price action trading is trading with clear charts of actions of prices. With proper strategy and disciplined mindset you can discover high probability setups.


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While trading is hard no matter where you learn from we help aspiring traders to understand the markets by simplifying it through our immersive tools and resources. Stay ahead with an advanced understanding of the market behaviour and disciplined approach.

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Day trading can be a solitary pursuit. Join a worldwide community of motivated hardworking and like-minded traders. Daily discussions,  chart analysis ideas, interactions and support from the community.




Our approach is not just about providing you information. It’s an immersive experience that allows you to experience real growth from day one. Becoming a successful day trader takes hard work, discipline and consistency. If you’re up for that, we’ll nurture you into the trader you were born to be.

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Get access to videos to help you learn how to apply the strategy in the live markets. Premium trading content. Live trading community of dedicated traders. Market analysis, question and answers sessions. Continued support and education. Trading psychology development.

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If trading was easy or there was a holy grail that would produce consistent results, everybody would stop working and start trading. Learning to trade takes time and effort but it can be mastered. If you have never traded before and you are new to price action we would recommend checking out free training videos first.
After you have watched free training videos you will get the basic understanding of how the market moves, what rules price action follows, how to trade in live markets and make profits alongside with the psychology mindset management. Watching the free training videos will give you an idea what day trading with clear charts using price action is like. After that you can join the private community, share knowledge with other successful traders and start studying premium content. This will speed up the learning process exponentially.


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I can confirm. Because of Thomas I actually finally went LIVE and I have been profitable for months. 5/5

Bart, Trader

Best video I've seen you make to date. Also, best video I've seen from anyone in the industry. The bar by bar explanation brought your thoughts together perfectly on this one. Great information/execution! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work! 5/5

Daniel, Trader

Your live trading videos are super helpful and please continue those videos as your time permits. 5/5

John, Trader

I absolutely learn from Every Video that you put out thank you very much for the bar by bar explanation of the market it has really helped me in my trading. I appreciate it Thomas. I find Every one of your videos very useful. 5/5